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Welcome to the online store of Mai Misaki. As we don't have a store front, you will be able to browse our unique lines either here or at one of the major Quilt and Craft Shows where we exhibit around Australia.

Here, I hope to offer you as many Japanese woven yarn dyed fabrics that I can get my hands on!! They are superb, and the longer I work with them the more respect I have at just how they can be used and the exquisite results they produce.

Blending either with them, or alone, are what I call 'standard patchwork cottons', those that we as quilters are all familiar with. Those that are offered here are called Japanese Taupes. This I feel is a bit of a generic term as the colour ranges extend beyond that of what I would call 'taupes', however they are mostly muted and soft and work wonderfully with the yarn dyes or alone. We offer them to you by the metre, in boxed packs, bundles, rolls and 30 cm pieces.

The Japanese patchwork books offered here are my favourite patchwork books ever !! Yes I know that's a big statement, however the designs, colours, projects and inspiration they hold are not like anything I have seen before. I have put lots of pictures up with each book so you may too get a glimpse of how special they are.

The patterns and kits on offer are all brand new designs, either by myself or my daughter Gabrielle, who's love of the creative elements in life are as strong as mine. You won't find a huge amount of threads and accessories here, rather, those that I use and like. And I try and explain what it is I like about them. Enjoy having a browse here, and say hello should you see us at one of the shows.

If you have any enquiries please contact us and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as we can.

Happy quilting…..Deb.